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Team Structure

Team Structure


Executive Director Latvia

Executive Director Lituania

Executive Director Estonia

Chief Operating Officer

Chief Science Officer


Scientific Board:

Medical Advisory Board:

Policy and Advocacy Board:

Innovation and Technology Board:

Education and Outreach Board:

Ethics and Sustainability Board:

Industry and Institutional Partnerships Board:

Young Researchers and Innovators Board:


Research and Development: Focused on advancing longevity science, promoting interdisciplinary research, and driving innovation.

Health Optimization: Develops strategies and programs to optimize healthspan and disseminate health-related information.

Policy and Advocacy: Engages in policy discussions, shapes regulations, and advocates for longevity-related policies.

Communications and Outreach: Manages public relations, communications, and outreach efforts to raise awareness.

Partnerships and Collaborations: Builds partnerships with institutions, researchers, industries, and other stakeholders.